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Günter Traub

Guenter traub

Günter Traub is a graduate sports teacher and former top athlete. He has set 15 world records and won 4 world champion’s titles in speed skating and roller skate racing. Today he is a fitness expert and pioneer in the area of alpine mobility training. At the age of 75, he is taking up high-performance sports again. Big names and VIPs have profited from Günter Traub’s knowledge, such as world champion Michael Schumacher, Spanish King Juan Carlos, the artist Nikki de St. Phalle and the publisher Hubert Burda.



Treatment in case of sickness, supporting the immune response, and activation of self-healing capacity by stimulating microcirculation.


Positive effect on the general sense of well-being, health and sleep. All this results in a higher quality of life.

Improved performanceImproved performance

Supporting metabolism for increased performance, strengthening the response capacity, reducing the risk of sports injuries, and faster regeneration.